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Crafting Headshots In Sydney That Tell Stories to the World
Marrickville, Sydney, Australia
Crafting Headshot Photography with a Professional Touch in Sydney

From capturing the essence of 'Strictly Ballroom' to defining brands like Revlon, my lens tells stories that command attention. Discover how my Sydney-based photography can elevate your story to make it unforgettable.
Sydney, Australia
Professional Headshot Photographer
Philip Le Masurier Photography
Capturing a moment's magic, the realness of a person has always fascinated me. My storytelling journey began with a camera at 12. Obsessed with crafting unforgettable, powerful, evocative images, I've never looked back.

Decades as a professional photographer based in Sydney, Australia, have taken me from the energy of the 'Strictly Ballroom' film set to creating narratives for well-known brands like Revlon. Each project sharpened my skills, enriching my career and diversifying my experiences.

Through it all, my favourite memories remain those where I helped incredible people craft unique stories. From collaborating with stars like Cate Blanchett (Oscar and Lucinda) or Namomi Livingstone (Tales from the Rabbit Hole: A Curious Kitsch Novel (2020 to empowering hundreds of artists, authors, and other creatives, I've been lucky to bring their visions to life

In a world craving impactful stories, let me help yours stand out in a sea of portrait photographs. Let's connect, and together, we'll make your headshot more than just a photo—it'll be an unforgettable and lasting story.
Portrait Testimonials
Testimonials - Clients in Sydney and Across Australia
"Philip is a delight to work with - professional, kind, meticulous, collaborative. I’ve shot two portrait sessions with him in his studio and both times he was thoroughly prepared with set, lighting set ups, props and ideas even in advance of the session while crucially leaving room for spontaneous magic on the day. Both times, I’ve been delighted with the outcome. He works quickly which means you can get a lot done in a short amount of time. Philip is an exceptional, highly skilled photographer who really knows his stuff, meticulous with lighting and details , and offers stunning edits. Philip made me feel comfortable and at ease to play. I highly recommend Philip for any portraiture session." 
Naomi Livingstone, Actor/Director

"I've known Philip since the early 1990s, when our mutual careers as a writer and photographer were rocket-boosted as featured contributors for the newly launched Elle Australia. Philip now is much the same he was back then, with a few decades more experience in life and art on his visual resume. Gentle, highly focussed, deceptively hard-working, he makes every photo shoot seem easy. I love the portraits he took of me recently, so close and real they are almost under the skin; lit by a Rembrandt eye for light and shade that makes me look better than good. Still lives, headshots, deeply true portraits, Philip marries commercial and media imperatives with something memorable."  
- Mark Mordue, Author, Journalist, Poet

“Philip is clearly someone who knows exactly what he’s doing and his work speaks for itself. He has a wonderful studio and he set up everything before I arrived so when it came to taking my headshot it was all very easy with sitting down and posing for a short time. I was blown away by the resulting photographs which have such a luminous quality to them.”
-Sheila Ngoc Pham, Author, Academic

"Working with Philip is always a pleasure. What a creative, generous and wonderful spirit. Every time I arrive in studio he's ready to go - with props standing in for lighting so that we can hit the ground running! He's an artist and a technician; a very rare combination."
-Tara Clarke, Actor

As the Creative Director of marie claire magazine I was a long time admirer of Philip's sensational still life photography. I'm now a huge fan of his stunning portraiture work. 
It was delight to step into his photography studio for our recent shoot. Philip is creative, collaborative, fun and fast. The thought and preparation he put into the session prior to our arrival meant everything flowed smoothly with exceptional results.
-Matt Cosgrove, Author, Illustrator, Designer

I had the opportunity to shoot with Philip while living in Sydney. We had a lovely time chatting about movies, photography and inspirations.
Philip works with light beautifully and is ready to tailor a background/setup to get a specific shot.
We shot in a relaxed atmosphere and created beautiful striking images together. I enjoyed talking about his creative process and ideas. I recommend shooting with him: professional, creative and inspired, you will get great pictures.
-Mara Gelato, Artist, Performer
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